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Waste is created from almost every industrial process, and the disposal of this waste is a big problem, as it degrades and endangers the surrounding environment. Industrial ecology is the study that focuses on closing the materials waste loop, meaning that the industrial process creates no waste, or the waste is recycled or reused.

For my design class at Carnegie Mellon, we were given pages of raw text on industrial ecology, which we had to design into a book for a specific client and two stakeholders. My client was the NBA, and my stakeholders were Adam Silver (the commissioner), and the NBA Player’s Association. The purpose of the book is to gain the support of the NBA in backing the industrial ecology movement. The book explains the problem, and how the NBA can help tackle the issue. For example, the NBA has a very prominent social media presence, so by adding “#CloseTheLoop” throughout the book, it gives the commissioner and players an idea of how they can help the movement, by spreading the word.

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