LinkedIn Pulse Redesign

The prompt was to design an experience that helps members who are interested in professional content discover, follow and manage their information sources. I didn’t know very much about the professional content domain, so I first made a survey and talked to a few of my fellow students to identify the problem I wanted to solve. In my research I sought to understand people’s pain points, needs, and values of finding and reading career related content. I also looked at what services people were currently using.

After conducting research I identified a few key problems that users face when looking for career related content:

Users have a difficult time and waste a lot of time searching for meaningful content, and in the process lose what they value most, which is self-improvement, continual growth, and staying atop their field.

The solution is to give people the opportunity to type and submit their career goals to the app, adding a layer of personalization. Having this information, the app can then find the most meaningful content to save the user time and frustration and also help the user improve, learn, and be great at what they do. The purpose of writing the goal is also empowering in itself in that it keeps the user’s goals in sight, and acts as motivation.


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